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Aren’t turbine aircraft more expensive than piston aircraft?

Yes - and no.  Typically the cost to acquire a turbine is much more expensive but Revolution Flight provides Modern Turbine Aircraft at a lower cost than most people can operate a piston twin. 

What do you mean by “turn-key”?

We mean all you need is an aerial sensor and maybe a sensor operator.  We provide the rest.  Up to and including a fully-staffed aircraft, fuel, aircraft insurance, aircraft maintenance, geospatial project management, and administrative support.

Aren’t multi-engine aircraft safer than single-engine aircraft?

Yes and no.  Piston multi-engine aircraft are generally safer than piston single-engine aircraft.  Turbine single-engine aircraft are typically safer than piston multi-engine aircraft.

Why use turbine aircraft? 

Two words: Safety, Reliability.

With a modern, reliable turboprop, there are no 50 hour oil changes, constant oil leaks, fouled spark plugs, exhaust ADs, burnt up alternators and the recurring downtime associated with piston powered aircraft. The Cessna Caravan is a proven workhorse. We stock spare engines, engine accessories and spare airframe parts for minimum downtime. Another benefit of the caravan is its still manufactured and almost any shop can work on them in the event outside mx is required. 

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