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About us

Revolution Flight, LLC was founded in 2006.  What began as a small operation supplying two single-engine Cessna aircraft to the skydiving industry has grown into a diverse operation with more than thirty aircraft operating around the globe.  Our current business specializes in supporting markets such as airborne data collection, survey and mapping, research and development, flight training, aircraft maintenance, and avionics installation.  All activity is managed through our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

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Revolution Flight prides itself on being a family-owned small business.  Our mission is to make modern turbine aircraft accessible to the aerial survey market by specializing in providing customizable solutions and turn-key flight operations for our clients.  With an emphasis on safety, we seek to increase our client’s reliability and efficiency by leveraging our aviation experience and expertise to maximize flight operations for our clients.

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Revolution Flight has built a team of highly skilled and appropriately licensed professionals, currently consisting of more than 40 team members.  Every aspect of the aerial survey operation is performed in-house, allowing Revolution Flight to control all phases of the process.  From aircraft modifications and maintenance to flight training and operations to project management and logistical support, Revolution Flight has been able to maintain an impeccable safety record and high-quality operational results.  


Revolution Flight is one of the only aerial acquisition platform providers in the world to operate turbine-powered aircraft exclusively.  At fifteen (and counting) survey-capable Cessna Caravans and Grand Caravans, they maintain the largest fleet of single-engine turboprop survey aircraft in the world.  From high-altitude aerial photography, airborne lidar survey, and low-level bathymetric lidar collection, Revolution Flight routinely collects more than 10,000 flight hours of data each year.

Our Cessna Caravans have proven to be an ideal survey platform due to the wide envelope of operational characteristics, lift capacity, and online endurance.  With a proven safety record and long maintenance intervals, Revolution Flight is able to maximize its client's uptime and ensure aircraft readiness.  Additionally, we own multiple Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) to allow modification of the aircraft for a variety of roles.  

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